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TREE INJECTION is the process of introducing products such as insecticides/ fungicides/antibiotics, and fertilizers or essential nutrients such as IRON directly into the tree's vascular tissue system in order to internally, (systemically) treat a tree problem.


This is primarily done two ways: 


(1) Micro-injection is the process of drilling very small holes about a half-inch through the bark of the tree into the vascular wood

that conducts water, and food throughout the tree, and inserting a self-contained, pre-measured unit of the product specific to treat the problem, and through a pressurizing function of the unit which forces the product such as an insecticide to treat wood borers directly into the tree's vascular system allowing it to fully circulate throughout the tree within a few days, and remaining active inside the tree usually for an entire season.


(2) Root-injection is the method of using root-lancing equipment that introduces the products into the feeder root zone that is present in the top foot of soil surrounding the tree, and allowing the tree to absorb the treatment products through it's process of acquiring water from it's root system.


The benefits of these two processes are; eliminating aerial spraying/ utilizing 100% of the product used, and treating internal problems within the tree that cannot be treated with topical spraying.


The technologies that are now being used to save trees through tree-injection are now very advanced, and effective. I have used these processes for over thirty years, and actively study the constant advances in tree-injection in order to effectively treat tree problems such as destructive wood-boring insects, tree diseases, and nutritional deficiencies.





Please call me at 719-415-9888 with any questions and to receive a free, written estimate, and a schedule of treatment to eliminate damaging pests, and to prevent them in the future

Thank you for your interest.

Paul Farin

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