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My name is Paul Farin. I am the owner, and operator of Falo, Inc. For over thirty-eight years I have specialized in treating  tree problems on the Colorado Front Range, and the intermountain region. 


I am a licensed Qualified Supervisor with the  Colorado Department of Agriculture which is a legal requirement necessary to provide my services to the public. This is the highest license category in Colorado for pesticide application, and requires documented education, experience, and rigorous testing to qualify for, acquire, and maintain annually. I have been in this business all my life, and have most likely dealt with every insect pest that damages trees in Colorado.


Some of the typical insect pests I deal with frequently are Ash Borers, Pine Beetles, Spider Mites, Aphids, Poplar Borers, Willow Borers, Elm Leaf Beetles, European Elm Scale, Peachtree Borers, Bronze Birch Borers, Pitch Mass Borers, and Twig Galls.


These are all insect pests that can either injure, or kill your valuable trees, and shrubbery.


If you notice the leaves or needles on your trees being chewed, turning brown, dripping sap, oozing fluids or sawdust from holes in the trunk or branches, then you have an insect pest feeding on your valuable tree and causing injury that will either damage the integrity of the tree, or kill it.


Often, there are other circumstances that are causing stress to the tree that is making it attractive to an opportunistic pest that also need to be evaluated along with treatments necessary to eliminate the pest.


The pesticides used today for treatment are not your grandfather's pesticides. Grandad's pesticides were toxic, smelly, staining, and had no residual value. The products I use currently are vey environmentally safe. There are no odors, staining, or risks to people, or animals. 


They will not injure understory plantings such as flowers, and groundcovers. Many of them are formulated to last for thirty days or longer. These are products designed to use around people's homes safely.


Knowledge of insect life cycles, application timing, weather effects, and proper use of the correct products are absolutely necessary

in effectively dealing with insect pests.


Frequently, the application procedure will include systemic tree trunk injections, or root injection as the best choice of tools for treating a specific pest problem. Whatever the choice may be, I will use over thirty-eight years of experience, education, research, and the best of pest control technologies available to treat any pest problem in your trees or shrubbery.


Please call me at 719-415-9888 with any questions and to receive a free, written estimate, and a schedule of treatment to eliminate damaging pests, and to prevent them in the future

Thank you for your interest.

Paul Farin

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