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IRON CHLOROSIS is a major disorder in Pueblo, and Fremont counties. This is simply a lack of iron in the soil that causes trees such as maple, aspen, crabapple, and others to turn pre-maturely yellow starting in June. Just drive around Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, or Florence and look at the yellow trees. These trees are suppose to be green during the summer months.


Iron is the micro-nutrient responsible for creating the color (pigment) of the tree's foliage. Without proper supplies of iron the tree leaves turn yellow, and do not do their job of going through photosynthesis correctly to produce sugars which then feed the tree.


Over a period of several years, the tree will essentially starve to death, and die. The soils in our area are heavy clay with little to no available iron present. This is a problem throughout Colorado, and much of the inter-mountain west.


This nutrient disorder is very treatable. Trees that are seriously affected can be sprayed with a foliar iron treatment during the summer that will aid in helping create some pigment in the leaves in order to help the tree survive the summer as the pictures show.


Corrective treatments are done during the Fall season by injecting a large dose of iron directly into the root system which allows the tree to absorb a large quantity if iron, and store it in it's vascular tissue to be used as needed over the course of several years, and causing the tree to be healthy with appropriately green leaves, and insuring that your valuable trees will survive.


For a free consultation, and written estimate for this tree service in Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Penrose, or Florence please call Falo, Inc. at 719-415-9888.





Thank you for your interest.

Paul Farin

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